Human Resources Policy

TRC GROUP to realize the quality service targets, to ensure institutional development and the most important power that will contribute to creating added value supporting the continuous development of our staff is the goal of our human resources policy.

Has the principles of TRC GROUP, our group will carry the future, it is a primary objective to ensure the participation of qualified human resources in TRC GROUP. To provide our staff with continuous improvement and change, and to create opportunities for higher performances, Rewarding TRC GROUP for the added value and success is the basis of the Human Resources policy.


TRC GROUP has the qualifications to contribute to the realization of continuous and high quality services which are the primary targets, it is our goal to have the participation of the staff who have development ideas and who can adopt our principles

Career Planning

From the moment the staff starts to work, their targets have been set. But, in order to determine whether the staff will reach the targets within the specified time preliminary assessments are made in the middle of the year and a general evaluation is made at the end of the year. These assessments are shared with staff and educational counselors are guided through the development and training program so that the planned career can be reached.

Open Performance Evaluation

Open performance appraisal is conducted by face to face interviews with the staff who work together. The staff may refuse to accept the assessment in the performance evaluation forms prepared as a result of this assessment by expressing their acceptance or withdrawal.

Wage Policy

It is determined by taking into account the surplus value and responsibilities of employees to the company. It is aimed to encourage the high performance of the staff.

In-service Trainings

The essential staff in our service is to work intensively and continuously to ensure self-education and development. Along with that on the job training their superiors have responsibilities for the development and training of their subordinates. At the same time, this is one of the most important criteria in performance evaluation of the committee. Also, in service trainings are organized to deliver personal and professional qualifications to the highest levels.